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 Tim Pattyson
 Video coach
 Born April 15, 1979 (Thunder Bay, Ont.)

Tim Pattyson begins his 11th season as the Senators’ video coach in 2015-16, after spending four prior seasons as a member of the the Senators communications department.

As video coach, Pattyson is responsible for pre-scouting upcoming opponents, game-day preparation videos, game-logging and post-game video analysis. He also works with the club's scouting department to gather video featuring players within the organization, draft picks and prospects. In the off-season, he helps run the club's annual development camp with assistant general manager Randy Lee and conditioning coach Chris Schwarz.

A graduate of Ottawa’s Carleton University, Pattyson has an honours degree in journalism.

He and his wife, Kim, live in Kanata with their son, Henry.