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Club History - 1907

It was decided to allow professionals and amateurs to play together. The only condition was for the clubs to file declarations setting out the status of their players. The main rule change adopted, stated that after a puck strikes a goalkeeper, the rebound can be played by a member of his team without being declared offside.

The 1907 season was, once again, a Wanderers-Ottawa affair. But every visit in Montreal by the Senators was an event. While the league was unable to decide what to do, the Montreal police prepared for action. Upon the arrival of the Senators in Montreal, on January 26th, to play the Victorias, the two Smith brothers were arrested and released on bail. On January 31st, Spittal and Alf Smith were committed for trial and Harry Smith remanded for assault. Alf Smith and Spittal were finally fined $20.00 each.

 The Senators hopes for the championship rested on defeating the Wanderers in their return match in Ottawa on March 2nd. Over 5,000 people jammed into Dey's arena which presented a watery surface. Ticket scalpers were hard at work and fancy prices were paid even for standing room. The Wanderers' Hod Stuart, Lester Patrick and Pud Glass were the recipients of presentations, in the form of lemons.

Hamilton Livingstone (Billy) Gilmour

A talented rightwinger for the Ottawa Hockey Club, Billy Gilmour joined the Ottawa Silver Seven in 1902 from McGill University and stayed with the club for three consecutive Stanley Cup victories. In 1908-09, after a season with the Montreal Victorias, he joined the Ottawa Senators in the ECHA. The Senators won the Stanley Cup in 1909 and Gilmour finished the season with 11 goals in 11 games. He died in Mount Royal, Quebec, on March 13, 1959.


1907 STATS

Wanderers 10 0 105 39
Ottawa 7 3 76 54
Victorias 6 4 101 70
Montreal 3 7 58 83
Quebec 2 8 62 88
Shamrocks 2 8 52 120
*Smith, Harry 9 21    
Smith, Alf 9 17    
Shore, Hamby 10 17    
Westwick, Harry 9 14    
Snelling 1 3    
Baird, Billy 6 2    
Williams, Jack 1 1    
Moore, Art 1 0    
Pulford, Harvey 10 0    
Spittal, Charles 2 0    
Ryan, Jack 1 0    
Westwick, Tom 1 0    
* Had six goals against Victorias
LeSueur, Percy 10 54 0 5.40 10 54 0 5.40