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Club History - 1912

At the annual meetings on October 11, it was decided that two teams from Toronto would be admitted in the league. However, when it was determined that the Toronto rink wouldn't be ready for January 25th, the league voted to exclude them for the year and the schedule was revised accordingly.

The number of players on a team was reduced to six by eliminating the position of rover. Each team should have a distinctive uniform and players were to carry a number to assist the spectators to identify them. The small numbered armbands worn by the players were unsatisfactory and large numerals were then placed on the front of their sweaters. The key to the numbers worn by the players was given on a board hung at the side of the rink. This was also found unsatisfactory until eventually cards, then programs were provided to the spectators.

On March 3, with first place on the line and Ottawa leading 5-4 with only twenty seconds left in the game, Quebec's Joe Malone scored the tying goal and forced the game into overtime. After twenty-four minutes of overtime, Malone scored the winner and both teams left the ice exhausted.

The result of the game forced Ottawa to replay the game they had won on January 24th. If they could defeat the Redbands, a playoff would be required against Quebec, otherwise the Bulldogs would take the Cup. Unfortunately, the Senators were defeated 5-2 and the Cup belonged to the Quebec Bulldogs.



Percy LeSueur

The hockey career of Percy LeSueur spanned over half a century, but he gained his fame as the goaltender of the Ottawa Senators. He acted in many capcities connected with hockey, including as player, coach, manager and referee. He played on Stanley Cup winners in 1909 and 1911. He is credited with inventing the gauntlet-type glove for goalies and the net used by the NHA and the NHL from 1912 to 1925. He died on January 27, 1962.

1912 STATS

Quebec 10 8 81 79
Ottawa 9 9 99 83
Wanderers 9 9 95 96
Canadiens 8 10 59 66
*Ronen, Skene 18 25    
Kerr, Albert 18 25    
Darragh, Jack 16 15    
Walsh, Marty 11 9    
Shore, Hamby 18 8    
Lake, Fred 18 6    
Dennison, Joe 2 1    
King 2 0    
* Scored 5 goals against the Wanderers
LeSueur, Percy 18 93 0 5.20