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Club History - 1906

On December 11, 1905, it was announced that a new league had been formed to be called the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (E.C.A.H.A.). The six franchises were the Victorias, Quebec, Montreal and the Shamrocks of the C.A.H.L. and Ottawa and the Wanderers of the F.A.H.L.

The Ottawa Senators introduced two more of the famous Smith brothers. Harry was a sensation in his first year scoring 31 goals in eight games, while Tommy played in only a few games but showed lots of promise collecting six goals in the three games he appeared in.

The eagerly awaited clash between Ottawa and the Wanderers took place in Ottawa on January 13th with the Silver Seven winning 8-4. The two teams were in a class of their own and ended the season tied for first overall with 9-1 records. The playoffs were to become a series for the Stanley Cup, but before the completion of the regular schedule, Ottawa accepted a challenge from Queen's University. The Sens blasted the O.H.A. champs 16-7 and 12-7 to successfully defend the Cup.

After successfully defending its title against Smiths Falls (6-5 and 8-2), Ottawa faced the Wanderers for the Cup. The Montreal based team won the opener 9-1, in front of Earl and Lady Grey, before losing 9-3 in the second matchup. The Readbands captured the Stanley Cup as a result of their better goal total.

Francis (Frank) McGee

The name Frank McGee entered the hockey record book with one spectacular scoring splurge. On January 16, 1905, he scored 14 goals in a Stanley Cup game as Ottawa trounced a Dawson City team, 23-2.


McGee played center and rover for the Ottawa Silver Seven between 1903 and 1906 and, although he had lost sight in one eye prior to joining the club, became one of the best forwards in the game. McGee was killed in action on September 16, 1916.

1906 STATS

Ottawa 9 1 0 90 42
Wanderers 9 1 0 74 38
Victorias 6 4 0 76 73
Quebec 3 7 0 57 70
Montreal 3 7 0 49 63
Shamrocks 0 10 0 30 90
NAME GP G      
Smith, Harry* 8 31      
McGee, Frank+ 7 28      
Smith, Alf 10 13      
Smith, Tommy 3 6      
Westwick, Harry 8 6      
Ebbs, 1 3      
Pulford, Harvey 10 3      
Gilmour, Billy 1 0      
Dion, 2 0      
Moore, Arthur 10 0      
* Scored 6 goals vs Wanderers
Scored 5 goals vs Victorias
Scored 8 goals vs Shamrocks

+ Scored 5 goals vs Shamrocks
Scored 8 goals vs Montreal
Scored 5 goals vs Quebec

Hague, Billy 10 42 0 4.20